Some kind words by some cool people
Road Rash Reviews
"A unique comedy that will have you rolling around on the floor."

Extra Features Interview Johnny Smith & Mike Morelli
Extra Features Podcast interviews director Mike Morelli and star Johnny Smith, together, for the first time since wrapping production.

AnotherMillenialReviewer Review
"There are multiple laugh out loud moments in this film that had me in stiches, thinking about them now writing this is making me laugh."

Film Daily Review
"Here’s why ‘Sh!thead’ is one of the best comedy movies of the year"

IndieFilm Junction Interview
"Mike Morelli’s Sh*thead is a Debut Feature that Commands Attention"

"SHITHEAD is first and foremost a comedy. There’s one gag after the other. Watching Jordan is like watching Divine back in the day. You are transfixed, a little offended, on the cusp of a laugh and can’t wait to see what happens next."

"The title is a little provocative isn't it? It gives the impression that this feature contains material that is likely to offend. Does it then? Absolutely!"

Film Daily Interview
"Mike Morelli is a filmmaker from New Jersey. In order to make Shithead the Movie a reality he wrote, directed, produced, edited, and worked on the visual effects & color grading for the movie. The visual effects team was a small group of three people and by the end of the project had over 900 VFX shots. Since then Shithead the Movie has won multiple VFX awards for their hard work."

FilmThreat SHITHEAD Review
"I laughed more at this overblown satire than any other comedy this year. The jokes are ragged, the humor utterly crass, but I had a great trip with SHITHEAD" - Norman Gidney

Another Millennial Interview
"I recently had the chance to interview Mike Morelli, about this award winning feature film Sh*thead"

Festigious Winner
"Shithead has many distinguishing features on the premise, originality and tone which are amazing. For these reasons, I believe this film will be very likeable by audiences (18+, obviously) worldwide." -Bohan Gong Lead Judge

Actors Awards Winner Johnny Smith
"We Johnny Smith"

Festigious Nomination
"Shithead is hilarious! We loved the characters, perfomances, dialogue and overall madness!...An achievement for any filmmaker..."

WLFR 91.7FM Radio Interview with Director Mike Morelli
Actor Tim Chivalette, who hosted a radio program on WLFR FM 91.7, invites Director Mike Morelli as his guest to talk about the film.

The Independents Podcast Interview with Director Mike Morelli & Johnny Smith
The Independents Podcast hosted by Michael Scott invited Johnny Smith and Director Mike Morelli on for a chat during production.

ARFF Official Selection Video
Around International Film Festival Official Selections video

Stills From the Film